Etosha resumes operations

17 Oct 2023
Etosha Fishing herewith informs that its cannery will resume operations on 30 October 2023 to process the Horse Mackerel relief quota allocated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in June this year. The intended purpose of the quota allocation, as approved by Cabinet, is to sustain employment at...
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Etosha retracts employment terminations

28 Jul 2023
Etosha Fishing herewith announces that it is retracting the termination of employment notices issued to all employees in March and April this year. The intended termination, which would have affected all 430 company employees, was set to be effective on 31 July 2023.Etosha Fishing can also confirm that it has...
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Etosha sustaining jobs despite challenges

22 Feb 2022
During the past five years Etosha Fishing has endured the most challenging times in the history of the company, however, has managed to remain operational and sustain employment for its seasonal workers, although on a limited basis.“Due to a shortage of fish for processing in recent years, Etosha Fishing was...
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Serious about growth at home despite difficult circumstances

18 Feb 2021
The past decade has not been plain sailing for Etosha Fishing due to a dwindling local pilchard resource, which has traditionally been the mainstay of the company’s business. The three-year ban imposed on pilchard fishing in 2017, remains in place without any clear decision taken by the government yet on...
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Oceana Namibia takes care of employees during Covid-19

16 Apr 2020
The Oceana Namibia Group of Companies was pro-active to ensure that its employees, who have to work during the Covid-19 lockdown period, and their families are taken care of and are able to sustain their livelihoods during these difficult times. The Oceana Group has a long history of operation in...
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Lucky Star pilchards safe to eat

26 Feb 2020
Lucky Star have noted the developments around the recall of tinned pilchards produced by West Point Processors in South Africa.The Lucky Star brand of pilchards and all Lucky Star products are in no way linked to the recall of pilchard products and are safe to eat. As a market leader...
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Etosha appoints Nezette Beukes as new MD

10 Jan 2020
Etosha Fishing Corporation announces the appointment of Nezette Beukes as its new Managing Director (MD), effective 1 January 2020. Beukes held the position of Financial Director at the company from 2015 and has been acting in the position of MD since the resignation of its former MD Pieter Greeff in...
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Etosha Fishing excels at gender inclusivity

26 Jun 2019
In the male dominated world of the fishing industry, Etosha Fishing stands out as a shining beacon of gender inclusivity and women empowerment. Nearly half of the management team at the company is female, while the majority of the workforce comprises women. For billions of people worldwide the ocean is a life-support system –...
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Etosha Fishing sells its purse seine vessels

10 Apr 2019
Poor catches in foreign waters have forced Etosha Fishing Corporation to sell all three of its purse seine vessels resulting in the retrenchment of 19 employees. The three-year ban on local pilchard catches imposed in 2018 has left the company with no other choice but to deploy its purse seine vessels to neighbouring Angola...
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EFUTA celebrates 5th birthday

08 Dec 2018
At the 5th anniversary celebrations of Etosha Fishing’s Efuta Maasbanker brand hosted in Oshakati earlier this month, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernard Esau praised the company for establishing a proudly Namibian product and urged consumers to support local brands. “Efuta must become a household brand,” the Minister said. “Why must we support imported...
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Etosha Fishing wins big at National Quality Awards

24 Oct 2018
Etosha Fishing Corporation asserted its position as a leading producer of quality canned fish products at the 6th Annual National Quality Awards hosted by the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) in October. The company once again received top honours by winning three of the five large enterprise categories, including Company of the Year, Exporter of the...
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Etosha celebrates launch of new EFUTA products and Namibian...

26 Jul 2018
Etosha Fishing this week celebrated the launch of four new products under its own, home-grown and 100% Namibian EFUTA brand. These include canned EFUTA Maasbanker in curry sauce, canned EFUTA Maasbanker mince in tomato sauce as well as a new 20kg whole frozen horse mackerel box product. In addition, the company for the first time...
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Etosha Fishing remains confident about Namibia’s fishing industry

26 Jun 2018
Despite uncertainty in Namibia’s fishing industry due to the expiration of 95% of local fishing rights at the end of 2018, Etosha Fishing remains confident about its future and continues to invest in infrastructure and product development. “We need an aggressive plan for local manufacturing. The opportunity for growth is there, across the board,”...
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Business as usual despite pilchard moratorium

17 May 2018
Despite a three year moratorium imposed on pilchard catches by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources last year, Etosha Fishing has secured employment for all its seasonal workers until at least mid-December this year. Furthermore, the company is in the final stages of securing contracts to can pilchards for the Glenryck SA and Lucky...
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In conversation with Etosha's MD

01 Mar 2018
“We need an aggressive plan for local manufacturing. The opportunity for growth is definitely there, across the board.” according to Mr Pieter Greeff, MD of Etosha Fishing. Read more of his insights in an interview published in a special Invest SADC (Namibia) focus of the FDI Spotlight publication. Click on the...
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Etosha remains committed to feeding scheme

27 Feb 2018
Etosha Fishing remains steadfast in its commitment to carry on with its school feeding scheme, despite the three year moratorium imposed on pilchard catches by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources last year. The company supplies canned pilchards to seven schools across Walvis Bay, feeding about 2,200 learners every day during school days. This...
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!Nara Primary School says thank you

14 Dec 2017
Etosha Fishing proudly supports the Promiseland Trust, a non-profit welfare organisation that cares for and assists underprivileged and destitute children in the poor communities of Walvis Bay. One of the Trust’s main activities is a Feeding Project which provides daily home cooked meals in two sittings from Monday to Friday for roughly 250 vulnerable...
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Etosha shines at Quality Awards

29 Nov 2017
Etosha Fishing Corporation won four of the five large enterprise categories at the 5th Annual National Quality Awards hosted by the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) in November, scooping up Company of the Year, Exporter of the Year and Product of the Year. Etosha Fishing Quality Manager Linekela Kapundja also received the Individual Award for Quality. In...
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Efuta Maasbanker sales on the rise

28 Apr 2017
Sales volumes of Etosha Fishing’s locally caught and canned horse mackerel product, Efuta Maasbanker, have increased nearly five fold since its introduction to the local retail market at the start of 2014. “We are absolutely delighted by the uptake of Efuta Maasbanker since its inception. During the first year of production we sold an estimated...
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Record entries for 2016 Lucky Star event

01 Oct 2016
It was a weekend of fun, endurance, sweat and celebration all in one as the last Lucky Star Marathon & Cycle Tour concluded on Saturday, 1 October 2016 at the Jan Wilken Stadium in Walvis Bay. This year’s event, sadly sponsored for the last time by Lucky Star, saw a record number of entries...
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New Fish Shop owners crowned

12 Aug 2016
Erongo Marine’s Fish-4-Business Challenge 2016 has delivered 6 new Fish Shop owners, bringing the total Fish Shops as part of the Fish-4-Business project to 7.The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon Bernard Esau, congratulated the 7 finalists of the Fish-4-Business Challenge 2016 after completing of a 3-day business skills...
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Efuta donation to vulnerable children

27 Jul 2016
Etosha Fishing has extended a helping hand to the Mpotuli Kindergarten Centre at Ndama informal township on the outskirts of Rundu by donating 3600 cans of Efuta Maasbanker. The centre seeks to help orphaned and vulnerable children in this poor neighbourhood in order to acquire early childhood development education which will better their adult...
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Etosha processes drought relief quota

23 Jul 2016
A total of 3.1 million cans of Horse Mackerel valued at N$21 million were donated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources for drought relief and poverty stricken Namibians. In line with the commitments of the Government’s Harambee Prosperity Plan, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources had allocated two horse mackerel fishing...
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Etosha and NASAWU sign Wage Agreement

19 Jul 2016
Etosha Fishing and the Seamen and Allied Workers Union (NASAWU) signed the 2016 Wage Agreement for Seasonal Land-based Employees this week after successfully concluding the first wage negotiations subsequent to the signing in May 2016 of a Recognition and Procedural Agreement.Pictured at the signing ceremony are Etosha Fishing MD Pieter...
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NASAWU and Etosha Fishing sign agreement

31 May 2016
Walvis Bay – The Namibia Seamen and Allied Workers Union (NASAWU) signed a Recognition and Procedural Agreement with Etosha Fishing Corporation on Tuesday, which recognises it as the exclusive bargaining agent on behalf of the employees. “We have managed to negotiate terms that will cement and support a mutually beneficial working relationship between all...
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Frozen pilchard imports critical to sustain jobs

22 Mar 2016
Despite numerous price hikes at the start of the new year resulting from a weakening Rand and consequently the Namibia dollar, Etosha Fishing is biting the exchange rate bullet and continues to import frozen pilchard for value addition at its world-class canning facility in Walvis Bay. This ensures continued employment of its 650 seasonal...
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Fish-4-Business application

04 Feb 2016
If you have an established small shop located in a rural setting or village anywhere in Namibia that plays an important role in providing basic food products to your community, you might just qualify for the Fish-4-Business Challenge 2016. If you are successful in your application and are chosen as one of the finalists, we...
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Etosha Fishing investing millions in new fishmeal plant

12 Nov 2015
Etosha Fishing Enterprises is investing at least N$24 million in a new fishmeal plant that will produce fishmeal of a higher protein content while saving on energy costs. The old fishmeal plant, in operation since 1965, is currently being demolished. According to Etosha Fishing Managing Director Pieter Greeff the new plant should be ready for...
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Etosha Fishing tops again at NSI National Quality Awards...

16 Oct 2015
For the second year in a row Etosha Fishing Corporation managed to walk away with top honours at the NSI National Quality Awards Ceremony, being awarded first prize in the Large Enterprise Company of the year 2015 category. It also won in the Large Enterprise Product of the year 2015 and Large Enterprise Exporter of...
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Lucky Star Marathon now also Cycle Tour

15 Oct 2015
The well-known Lucky Star Marathon, Namibia’s premier coastal running event, has undergone a transformation and this year also included multi-disciplined cycling events, amongst others Namibia’s first ever fat bike race. It took place, for the first time, under the new Lucky Star Marathon & Cycle Tour title on Saturday 3 October, and included...
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Fish-4-Business project targets rural small business development

23 Sep 2015
Etosha Fishing has partnered with Erongo Marine Enterprises in its flagship corporate social development programme called Fish-4-Business, which was officially launched in Okahao at the weekend by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Bernhard Esau. At the same occasion the first of the Fish-4-Business concept shops was launched in the Onandjila Village...
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Etosha Fishing shines at SADC Quality Awards

25 Mar 2015
Etosha Fishing has gone from strength to strength since it was awarded the Quality Company of the Year Award (Large Enterprise Winner) and Namibian Exporter of the Year at the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) National Quality Awards held last year. All first place winners of this competition were pitted against companies in the SADC Region,...
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Frozen pilchard imports ensures sustainable jobs

03 Feb 2015
Etosha Fishing, proud Namibian home of the iconic Lucky Star canned pilchard brand, has ensured additional employment for 650 seasonal workers for an estimated 3 weeks during the month of March through the processing of imported, quality frozen pilchards. Another 20 weeks of employment would be created during the course...
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Etosha Fishing Top Manufacturer of 2014

24 Oct 2014
Short on the heels of receiving top honours at the Namibian Standards Institutions (NSI) Awards as Quality Company of the Year Award, the Etosha Fishing received the coveted Best Manufacturer of the Year award at the Namibia Manufacturing Association (NMA) Awards held in Windhoek.In addition it also received the following...
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Etosha Fishing Tops at NSI National Quality Awards

17 Oct 2014
Etosha Fishing scooped up three awards at the NSI National Quality Awards held in Windhoek recently. It also officially received the NSI Certificate of Registration for the use of the NSI Standards Mark of Conformity for its Efuta Maasbanker canned product range launched in the Namibian retail market at the beginning of the year....
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2014 Lucky Star Marathon a huge success

04 Oct 2014
The Lucky Star Marathon, Namibia’s premier coastal running event has once again been a massive success with foreign nationals from 11 countries participating in this year’s event. Apart from being the premier marathon event in Namibia, the Lucky Star Marathon serves as a qualifier for the Two Oceans and Comrades marathons. The event is...
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Namibian maasbanker now in a can

19 Aug 2014
Walvis Bay – Etosha Fishing Corporation have introduced a new and truly Namibian product named Efuta Maasbanker, which is horse mackerel in a can, offered in three flavours namely chilli sauce, tomato sauce and brine. The new Efuta Maasbanker cans are “dressed” in the colours of the traditional native cloth,...
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Namibian Home of Lucky Star Pilchards

01 Aug 2014
Etosha Fishing is the proud Namibian home of Lucky Star Pilchards. Lucky Star canned pilchards have been a favourite South African brand for over 50 years. With the leading market share in the South African market, Lucky Star canned pilchards are available throughout Southern Africa. Sea Our pilchards are caught in large quantities by specialised fishing...
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Pioneering Namibia's Fishing Industry

31 Jul 2014
Walvis Bay – Etosha Fishing Corporation (Pty) Ltd was formerly the Walvis Bay Canning Company which pioneered Namibia’s fishing industry in 1943. But the roots of Etosha Fishing go right back to the start of the century – to the arrival at the Cape of one of the first famous...
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Etosha Fishing Cares

31 Jul 2014
Walvis Bay – The well-being of the community in which Etosha Fishing operates is just as important for the company as the well-being of its own employees. Against this background Etosha Fishing has identified undernourished children in eight schools in the Walvis Bay community as a priority. For more than...
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HSE Policy Central to Producing Quality Product

31 Jul 2014
Walvis Bay – Etosha Fishing is committed to managing health, safety, quality and the environment (HSE) as an integral part of business and this forms one of the foundations of our vision to produce a quality product. Human values and safety The health and well-being of our employees are of prime importance. We believe that all workplace...
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Standards our Credence

31 Jul 2014
Walvis Bay – The Efuta Maasbanker product range of canned horse mackerel is the first Namibian canned product to receive the Namibian Standards Institution’s (NSI) Standard Mark of Conformity product endorsement. Through its Food Laboratory and Inspection Centres at Walvis Bay, which are accredited to international standards, making use of NSI issued certificates means that...
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Excellence in Food Processing

31 Jul 2014
Etosha Fishing, the Namibian home of Lucky Star, proudly subscribe to the vision of “Excellence in Food Processing”.Our Mission Statement:Etosha Fishing is a Namibian food processor with its historical roots in the Walvis Bay fish processing industry. We specialise in quality value added fish products, using world class practices and...
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